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Convictions: I'm a compassionate person who likes to help others. I strongly believe in accepting other people for who they are, not for what size, gender, religion, sexual persuasion, skin color, or any other characteristic they happen to possess.

Causes: Religious tolerance (tolerance of all types, actually); disability and access rights, fat activism.

Fat activism
What Would You Do?
What do Fat People Want?
Fat!So? A magazine for people who don't apologize for their size


Domestic violence

Making mental illnesses as acceptable as physical ones and insured the same way


and probably some other things generally classified as "liberal".

And I still believe that with enough conviction, passion, and determination, I can make a difference in the world. Because of that, I ran as a "Libertarian Witch" in 2000 for the Arapahoe County, Colorado, County Clerk position. My only opponent was a Republican; he was considered such a shoo-in that no Democrat ran against him. When a sex scandal broke, I suddenly had news interest. I didn't win, and no longer live in that county, but I got over 37% of the vote. Unheard of for a third-party candidate. I've since registered as a Democrat due to personal issues with the Libertarian Party in Colorado.

The value of families

I have a magnet on my fridge that says "There's nothing queer about loving another human being." I think that just about sums it up.

AIDS -- We've lost too many people to this damn disease already.

The Body Shop Okay, maybe it seems a bit odd to have a shop on a politics page. Check them out. Especially, check out their online mag, "Full Voice." Their first issue is on the body and self esteem, and the second one is on taking action. It's a neat site.

Needless to say, this page is very much a work in progress.

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