What Would You Do

What would you do
if you knew
that an entire group of people
were being systematically wiped out?

What if we were talking millions
of people
who were being treated inhumanely ?
What would you do?

Would you stand by and let
it happen
as many people did in the times
of slavery and in Nazi Germany ?

Would you let people
be subjugated,
told they are worthless,
tortured and murdered ? Would you ?

Do you know this is happening
in America ?
That millions of people are told
every day of their lives that they are worthless ?

Do you know that innocent children
are tortured
by their peers, their doctors, their teachers
and often even by their own families ?

Do you care that these beautiful little children
are shunned
and made fun of, ridiculed, dismissed,
actually told that they have no value as human beings ? Do you ?

Would it matter to you
to know
that these people are used for unnecessary
and dangerous medical experiments ?

Would you care if you knew that
these people
often died from drugs and surgeries
given to them for medical financial gain ?

Would you get the picture if I
told you
that these people get the message
every day in every media that exists -- change !

What would you do
if you knew
that millions of people weren't allowed
the jobs they deserve, the love they deserve,
the respect they deserve, the opportunities they deserve,
the life they deserve, the freedom they deserve,
the health they deserve, the happiness they deserve ?
What would you do ?

What would you say
if the most powerful woman in America
said that her greatest accomplishment
was becoming unlike this group of people,
breaking away from being identified as one of them ?

How do you explain to the adolescent
teenage girl
that this is wrong and she must not fall
into the trap that has been so carefully laid
by a society willing to look the other way
as a whole group of people is dismissed ?

People are not meant to be
one size
any more than they are meant to be
one religion, one culture, one color.

Not everything or everyone
in life
fits into tiny neat little packages.
We are human beings -- we aren't packages at all.

We are bundles of living spirit, joy, love,
health, intelligence,
creativity, a rainbow of emotions
from elation to despair. We matter.

What would I do
if I knew
that an entire group of people
were being systematically wiped out ?

Would I be silent ?
Would I scream ?
Would I look the other way and not cause a scene ?
Would I fight long and hard for the lives of my sisters and brothers ?
Would I allow myself for one second
to believe this treatment was justified ?
Hell, no !
It is never right, never okay
to treat humans inhumanely !

What will I do
as a fat woman in America ?
What will I do ?
I will stand tall and proud.
I will never diet.
I will support my fat sisters and brothers
in every way I can --
emotionally, financially, physically.
I will use my God-given intelligence and creativity
to figure out a way
to make people see
that prejudice is abhorrent and dehumanizing
for every body.

What will you do ?
We can't look the other way.
Millions of children are looking to us.
Millions of wounded need our care and love.
Millions of fat people need to be set free --
and a society that would erase us
needs to be changed.
What will you do ?

--Kathy Wasden