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The entertainment I find on the Web.

--Actually, nowadays, I use the Web more for socialization than amusement. I might find something later, though. I spend most of my time on Livejournal. I'm teal_cuttlefish, and I'm almost all friends only. You'll need to read my info page, and then let me know you agree to my disclaimer before I'll add you to my friends list. I got burnt once too often.


PTSD, Panic and Depression Links

NB: I have not vetted these links yet. Some of them may be broken. I'm running on a deadline, so forgive my carelessness; I'll go through and clean up and add more links in the near future.

This is the list of bookmarks that I gathered while searching the Web looking for information on my illness. A lot of these include links to other pages -- a few of the links are duplicated here, but most of them are not. Good luck with your research!

Hang in there.....