First and foremost, Roses! I even have a bouquet of roses tattooed on my body.

Addictions: Dark chocolate, crocheting, email, Live Journal, the WWW, caffeine, learning.

Art: "I may not know art, but I know what I like." Which includes Georgia O'Keefe's flowers and Science Fiction based art. If it has deep, intense colors, it's likely to appeal to me.

Books: Science fiction, almanacs and factoid type books, Self help, and self analysis. Im currently catching up on my reading not related to school.


Clothes: Soft, flowing dresses; Big Dog shorts; comfy slacks; T-shirts; loose, comfortable clothing; tie dye; big splashy floral prints and other prints. I can't stand pantyhose -- I'd rather tape dollar bills to my legs and throw it away at the end of the day. It would cost me about the same and would be far more comfortable. I'm literally a "hairy-legged feminist." My family doesn't care and I don't care what anyone else thinks.

Colors: I'm a classic "Winter"; black and bright, bright, jewel tones; nothing with yellow or orange in it because it makes me look jaundiced. "Deep Greens and Blues are the colors I choose..." Sweet Baby James, by James Taylor. Teals, Turquoise, Blues, Purples -- if it has blue in the pigment I probably like it. Especially anything in the turquoise and teal range makes me very happy.

Food: Im basically omnivorous pasta and pizza (especially Beau Jo's) are staples; so is meat loaf, roasts, Mediterranean food, and chicken. Im trying to keep the fruit and vegetable content high in the meals as well. I really like raspberries, with or without chocolate. Raspberries and cream is pure pleasure! I like greens a lot, but don't eat them very fast. Doug is allergic to soy, and I to capsicum and pineapple, so I cook a lot from scratch. Youd be amazed what foods contain soy! Soy also goes by about 30 to 40 different names, so we have to play detective and read lots of ingredient lists. Here is a link to a page on soy and soy allergies.

Hobbies: My hobbies are diverse and take up a lot of time. They include the computer, my friends, jewelry making, crocheting, rocks, Science Fiction and SF conventions, reading other things, following the news, and using my knitting machine. I just completed a Master's Degree in Computer and Information Science at the University of Phoenix, Colorado campus. I used to run a BBS called "Mom's", exhaustion and hard drive failure got to me and I gave it up. It falters on in the Live Journal community of Moms_BBS.
Subcategory: Avocations: I am a Reiki Master (Reiki is a form of hands-on healing or therapeutic touch); a Wiccan minister who has formed a pagan church(with lots of others), Hearthstone Community Church, Inc.; a Wiccan High Priestess; a former volunteer at The Children's Hospital in Denver, CO with the Parent-to-Parent Chapter (Alyria was born critically ill and spent her first two weeks in Newborn Intensive Care at TCH -- they saved her life.); plus, of course, my family and friends.

Jewelry: Lots of rings, mostly white gold or silver. I have a huge collection of necklaces and earrings and can't seem to stop buying them! I have two holes in each ear.

Movies: SF movies that aren't horror; certain types of comedy (I like satire better than slapstick). If you like satirical comedy, I highly recommend "Grosse Pointe Blank"; I hadn't laughed so hard in months! Men In Black was a pretty neat movie, too. I still haven't seen "Titanic", nor do I plan to. The original human drama of the sinking of the Titanic is fascinating enough; why develop a fictional storyline as the central story?
My favorite older movies are: The Princess Bride, Labyrinth (wonderful feminist subtext in that one!), Fiddler on the Roof, Star Wars trilogy, Sound of Music (yes, really!) and some of the Star Trek movies.

Sports: Not! I don't even speak the language. Give me a chance and I'll go into a classic feminist tirade.

TV: The various Discovery channels; I especially like the ocean shows and think they should have a whole Ocean channel. I read more news than I watch these days; I don't have to hear grating accents and "nucular" that way. TV is not a big part of my life any more.

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