So, you want to know more about me?

Name: Margaret Alia Denny. Margaret is my given name, Alia is my chosen name, and Denny is my maiden name. I'm one of those feminist types! It is possible to be feminist and like men; ask my spousal unit or any of my male friends.

AKA: Meg, Mom (from friends and former users of my BBS), Mommy (from Alyria), Alia. The people I grew up with are allowed to call me Margie only if I canít convince them to call me Margaret. Most of my family has learned to leave my childhood name behind. NEVER Maggie unless you wish to become injured.


Alcohol: Not particularly.

Astrology: Scorpio sun, Capricorn moon, and Virgo ascendant. If you understand all of that, youíre doing better than I am!

Birthday: November 6, 1959.

Career: I worked at the same company for almost 13 years. During that time, the company has had three different names, and I had about 5 different jobs, about 10 different phone numbers, and I lost count of the number of managers. The last job was in a department called Software Management. I left that company in May, without a single regret. I worked for three other companies through August, 2001. Then the IT bubble burst and my "valuable" Master's Degree became my "You're too expensive" degree. Since then, I have become more disabled and cannot work full time. I serve as clergy to the Pagan community; I teach crochet and do crochet work on commission; and I stay as politically active as I can. I'm a heckuva cook, and can fix tasty, nutritious meals that accomodate almost all our food preferences and all our allergies.

Computers: I've been working on the darn things since 1978; I'm told I qualify for "guru" status. If I don't know how to do something, I can generally figure it out pretty quickly. I've been interested in computers since I was twelve, and I have owned at least one computer since I was eighteen.

Convictions: I'm a compassionate person who likes to help others. I strongly believe in accepting other people for who they are, not for what size, gender, religion, sexual persuasion, skin color, or any other characteristic they happen to possess. See politics if you want more detail.

Current Fascinations: Crochet. Hearthstone Community Church, Inc. Battling to get Alyria a good education. Socializing via the internet. Disability rights.

Ethnic Heritage: 1/4 German, 1/4 Dutch, 1/4 all of the British Isles, 1/4 who knows? Basically, Iím a melting pot American.

Eyes: Color-changing gray. I had laser surgery (LASIK) in 2001. It's lovely to be able to see when I wake up in the morning -- even if it means I have to wear reading glasses. Iíve worn glasses or contacts since third grade and probably never had very good eyesight Ė when I got the glasses in third grade I discovered that trees had individual leaves, buildings had bricks, and that the teacher was in fact writing legibly on the blackboard.

Family: Mother and stepfather; father deceased; 1 brother and 1 sister. My immediate family is me; my spouse, Doug Peterson (a computer programmer with diverse talents); and my daughter. My extended chosen family contains about 20 people that I consider as close as my genetic family.

Favorite Things.

Hair: Buzz cut. Mostly a dark ash or chocolate brown, but some gray. It's all towards the front, though, so I've been described as "silver-haired." My stylist told me to get used to it.

Hats: I look great in a fedora! Since I have a large head, I tend towards men's hats.

Height: 5'4" if I stretch a quarter inch.

Hugs: You bet! I'm careful with other people's personal space, though.

Illnesses: I have had PTSD for a long time, with accompanying panic attacks. I also have Major Depression, one of those illnesses that the government has decided are biological rather than psychological. Thanks, Unk! I also have high blood pressure, managed with medication; arthritis, and Peripheral Neuropathy. The PN is mechanical -- In my hands from driving a keyboard for so long and in my feet as a result of the osteoarthritis in my knees. I do not have diabetes.

Instruments: I used to play the violin; tried to learn the clarinet, but discovered the wonderful world of allergies and how hard it is to play a wind instrument when you can't breathe through your nose. I have a reasonably pleasant singing voice.

Kids: Alyria Rose Peterson, born May 20, 1994. She is going into her second decade now, and developing the attitude to match. Yes, folks, I suffer from the "Mother's curse."

Languages: English, high school German that still allows me to understand and speak a bit. I wish I had more fluency in at least one other language besides English.

Location: Denver, Colorado, the "Mile High City."

Marital Status: Married on May 23, 1992. We lived together for a year and a half before that. We work as partners, and work very well that way. It seems as though weíve been together forever. It's more complicated than that, of course.

Music: Top 40, soft rock, folk, "New Age", taiko drumming. Some country; no rap or what I consider raucous.

Myers-Briggs: ENFP. Thereís a short test and an explanation of the personality types here. My personality temperament is "Idealist" and my sub-temperament is "Advocate" Ė the "Directive Mediator." Advocates are about 3% of the population. (To get an idea of what your personality type is, try the quiz above. The site also explains the various personality types.)

Orientation: Generally vertical. My sexual orientation is sapiosexual; in other words, I'm more interested in a person's mind than their plumbing. A gay friend once referred to me as "the least narrow straight person" he'd ever met." I took that as a high compliment. I've marched in gay pride parades and been taken for gay (and married to one of my chosen sisters) more times than I can count.

Past relationships: I had a previous seven year marriage that probably caused my PTSD. That and some of the men I dated shortly after the divorce taught me what was actually attractive in men and prepared me for the truly wonderful man I have as a partner now.

Parenting: I believe that children need consistency, respect, and as much love as you can possibly give. I think weíre doing something right; we seem to be Alyria's security objects. She still occasionally joins us in the bed sometimes in the middle of the night, which Iíve been told is part of "attachment parenting." We havenít got a label for what we do; we just do our best.

Pets: One cat, Mardi Gras, a spayed female. Alyria has two cats of her own, Puff and Patch. Puff wants nothing to do with anyone except Alyria; Patch will occasionally deign to visit with the adults in the household. Two Basset hounds, Bridget and Gromit. I strongly believe that:
1) There are too many cats and dogs that donít have homes to justify not neutering/spaying a pet cat or dog unless there is a valid reason to leave the animal intact. (Men identifying with their male dog and refusing to neuter him because they fear emasculation themselves is not a valid reason.)
2) Choosing and taking on a pet is a lifetime commitment and not something to be taken lightly. That animal depends on its owner for its survival.

Places Iíve been: Not many. I grew up in Kansas City, Missouri and moved to the Denver area in the summer of 1981. I've visited other places (the west coast, Vancouver, New Jersey, New Orleans, Lost Wages...). I consider the Denver metro area and Colorado to be my home. I doubt I'll ever leave the Denver metro area to live somewhere else, unless itís a small town not far from the Denver area.

Politics: Somewhere between bleeding-heart liberal and libertarian. I still believe that most people are fundamentally good, and that with enough passion and dedication, I can change the world.

Pregnancy: I have had one and I was miserable -- I developed Pregnancy Induced Hypertension (PIH), and sitting up became an aerobic activity. Alyria was post-mature and aspirated meconium. She spent the first two weeks of her life in the hospital and the next six on oxygen. Praise the goddess, she's now a healthy and usually happy child.

Religion: Wiccan. kokopelli

Shoes: I love Tevas! I have two pairs of their sandals; three if you count the ratty pair I wear for exercising in the pool. I also have a pair of their "sneakers." I don't do heels.

Skin: Very fair with some ruddiness. I bathe in sunblock in the summer. Large rose bouquet tattoo on my outer right thigh that needs brightening, and a few others in the works.

Time Management: Oh, Iím wonderful at managing my time! I also keep dragons in my backyard.

Travel: I'm not a big traveler. Which is odd, because I used to work for the airlines and could fly really cheap. I never used that benefit much.

Webstuff: This web site, and I'm also Webmistress for Hearthstone.

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